Memphis grizzlies guard mike - conley arrived in Beijing for the 2015 NBA basketball activity has unveiled a kingdom. The strongest conley said in an interview, the league of five point guards have their own place.

Today's best five point guard who is it? In the face of such questions, conley Zach Randolph jerseys for sale said, "I should have in the list," he went on to say the names of the other four, "Stephen curry, Chris Paul, Russell - wes brooke and Carey - Owen." Last season's western conference semifinals, conley has had a face with garage, when it comes to the MVP rivals, conley's unstinted compliments, "curry played a fantastic season," he continued, "the Treasury is worth all the honors, he received as the wholesale Zach Randolph jerseys from china MVP and championship. He did much better cheap Zach Randolph jerseys free shipping than me, he was really incredible. And his interesting counterpoint, at the same time I can take this opportunity to improve yourself."

Since entering the league, conley was labeled as the "undervalued". When asked about the perception of this problem, conley said: "over the years (discipline), I hope I can no longer be underestimated. Over the years, I have been trying to let oneself become stronger, in order to win people's recognition to me."

The grizzlies in the summer of the most important is a operation and mark - gasol renewal, conley thinks, this let him see a chance to continue to shock a championship, "we are very excited, to mark the return of this let us for the future full of expectation, we still have the chance to compete for a championship," conley said.

Thus the west "arms race" in the cheap Grizzlies Zach Randolph jerseys summer, who will be the grizzlies in west biggest competitor? Conley very clearly mentioned cheap Zach Randolph jerseys supply the names of the three teams, the spurs, the warriors and the rockets.

When it comes to good friend Greg - auden's recent situation, conley said, the former draft is still plagued by injuries to fight back.